Mhairi Davidson is the delivery Team Lead at CDL Software

After leaving universtiy Mhairi was unsure what she wanted to do. She knew she wanted to earn some money so decided to pursue a career in recruitment. After applying for a few positions she ended up working in the oil and gas market in Aberdeen.

After this, she worked in the public sector and then for a sports nutrition company. After a few years in Recruitment, Mhairi decided it wasn’t for her anymore and she decided to move into another industry and went to work with her dad in construction. 

This industry proved not to be as fast-paced as Mhairi had hoped and Brexit affected the cost of materials so much so that Mhairi wanted something more exciting out of a career.

She then moved to a small tech company working in Manchester city center as a salesperson. During her time there she moved into a Head of People position. There was no internal recruitment department so she set that up for them. 

After doing this the company had a vacant open on their development team for a project manager and she applied for it and Mhairi’s project management career took off from there.        

Show Notes:

01.09 Mhairi’s background and career progression

04.31 Having careers in your career

07.59 How are we teaching people about the opportunities open to them?

12.04 Get out from behind your screen

13.45 If you don’t ask you’re not going to learn anything

16.32 Putting your ego aside

19.50 What questions do you normally get asked?

22.09 Nobody can tell you exactly what to do to be successful 

25.02 Be comfortably uncomfortable

27.32 Mhairi’s career planning

29.19 Meetup recommendations 

30.17 Careers at CDL 


Location: Northern Powerhouse