In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Eoin Woods, CTO at Endava. Eoin is a qualified technical architect, with over twenty years of experience in the capital markets and technical software product domains. He has worked successfully across the product delivery lifecycle from development engineer to manager. He has also worked in architecture roles, progressing from application architect to lead architect to head of architecture.

On the show, he chats to Andy about the importance of continued professional development as an engineer. They also touch on the AI disruption of white collar jobs, the step up to CTO and exciting new developments in the tech industry.

Show Notes:

3.10 Growing up with computers and technology.

5.35 Getting experience during university.

7.21 Code camp.

8.59 Providing company incentives to offer training.

12.34 Future disruption in white-collar jobs.

14.07 The 2 things that attract Eoin to a company.

16.08 Find out where a job can take you.

18.28 The ability to keep learning as an engineer.

20.01 Getting distracted by the latest tech.

22.47 Taking the step up to CTO.

25.12 Exciting new technologies personally and for the industry.

26.27 Data automation.

28.42 AI impacts on the average working person.

31.31 Quickly re-skilling and learning new jobs.