Ronald is the VP of Product at FACEIT. 

Ronald always wanted to work in the video game industry but he started his career at Spotify. He began his professional life as a project manager but as he progressed his role morphed into the product manager he is now. 

Ronald is currently VP of Product at FACEIT which is the leading competitive gaming platform. FACEIT allows players to easily play in tournaments and leagues for virtual and real-world prizes through automated tournament management and matchmaking technology.  

What makes a good product manager?

Some product managers aren’t technical whatsoever whereas some have very niche technical skills. The role is so varied it can be difficult to discern the key skills someone needs to become a product manager. Ronald gave us his thoughts on the skills of a product manager in this show. 

‘The skills you need to be a successful product manager depend a lot on the type of product you’re making. If you’re building a product that is based around user experience and you’re not interfacing with a lot of engineers it isn’t vital that you’re technical.   

But, more often than not, you’ll be working with engineers to get a product over the line. In that case, it always helps to have some technical knowledge. Being able to communicate peer to peer with the engineers on your team creates a more productive and cohesive work environment.’  

Show Notes:

00.30 Ronald’s career overview

03.09 What skills make a good product manager?

04.29 Breaking down a product managers role

05.14 The Spotify model

07.23 Agility in product management 

09.26 Innovative tech & innovating people

11.17 Changing company culture 

13.01 Fail fast culture

15.19 Where has the product role come from

17.52 Creating commercial apps 

19.21 Finding fulfillment in your career  

20.14 Who’s FACEIT’s ideal candidate? 

21.20 What’s on the horizon for FACEIT?