“One of the things that I really invested in was a really immersive development plan for our leadership team. They had to learn how to be leaders in this different world, this new world for them. So there was an element of formal development within that. I worked with an amazing guy at Manchester Business School, Professor Bones and he’s a great advocate of the eCommerce space. But we worked together to pull together this program with the university which aimed to address the following question; what do you need to do to change your behaviors and how you work to fit in with the environment you’re going to be leading?           

So, how do you lift up and off? How do you move away from everything being waterfall methodology for example? How do you stop your self from solutionising all the time and jumping to the end? You’re there to set the vision, the strategy, the shareholder expectations and then ultimately your goal is to provide the right environment, the right ways of working and right tools for your team to really drive and innovate” Kelly Singleton on creating a positive work culture through leadership training.

 Kelly is HR director  for MAG (Airport Group)

Kelly is the HR Director for MAG-O (digital agency) and global corporate development including MAG USA.

MAG (Airport Group)

MAG is the UK’s leading airport group and owns and operates Manchester, London Stansted, and East Midlands Airports, together with a significant property business. MAG employs over 6,000 people and annually serves over 55 million passengers.


On the show, Kelly talks to Andy about the difficulty of quantifying culture. They also discuss staff retention in the 21st century and how best to instigate cultural change as a leader.

Show Notes:

00.36 The pressure on HR departments.

04.27 Is there a one size fits all approach to HR?

07.11 Retaining staff in the 21st century.

09.46 Reluctance to change.

11.35 People management is more important than ever. 

15.46 Instigating change as a leader.

17.59 Quantifying culture.

21.56 Creating internal digital disruption.

25.28 Understanding what ‘good’ looks like.

27.09 Sharing your success.

32.54 What have you done? What are your achievements?


Location: Northern Powerhouse