Curating musical playlists for businesses – Marco Baldini

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Marco is the VP of Engineering at Ambie 

Ambie is a smarter way for businesses to manage their background music. By combining music experts with smart and simple tech, we help hundreds of businesses around the world increase efficiency while creating the perfect atmosphere, using music. 

Ambie curates playlists for businesses. Their mission is to deliver the right music at the right time to create the mood the business owner expects or what the business owner needs.

Ambies challenges and opportunities 

One of Ambies main challenges has been the rolling out its hardware to businesses. Ambie sends companies a small palm-sized player that connects seamlessly with their existing sound system. 

Managing all of these devices was tricky. They could have built their own infrastructure network to cope with this demand but Ambie decided against this as they did not want to add a layer of technology to their company. They wanted their product to be a music experience.     

This led them to use AWS IoT applications to streamline their customer’s experiences. Business owners can see their music schedules on a desktop dashboard and staff working in a business can change the music as required using a mobile app. 

The lack of a large infrastructure has let Ambies music curators focus on delivering better musical playlists for their clients and Ambie to focus on providing a better overall customer experience for bar, restaurants, galleries & bowling alleys up and down the country.  

Show Notes:

00.57 Staying disciplined when building your startup

06.43 Gathering feedback

09.11 Use 80% of the day to make decisions

13.55 What attracts you to certain projects?

17.40 Curating music for businesses

22.19 Working in serverless

25.02 Setting yourself goals