Peter is CTO at Moonpig and a non-exec chairman at  Mother Group Ltd.

The podcast starts with Andy and Peter discussing the Northern Powerhouse. Peter tells Andy about the strategies he employs to determine the ROI of new technologies and Andy asks how he decides what new tech to invest in. They also chat about automation and how it is making our working day both more complex yet easy.


Moonpig has been on the scene since 2000 and has made over 100 million Moonpig moments for our customers here in the UK and as far afield as the US and Australia.

They started with cards and have kept on adding new ways to make a Moonpig moment since then, whether through their ever-expanding gift range or becoming a top three UK online flower seller for all the big occasions.  

They’ve been part of the Photobox Group since 2011. Along with the Photobox brand, and our sister companies Hofmann and PosterXXL, together they’re Europe’s leading retailer of personal and personalised products.



Show Notes:

00.34 Being northern.

03.57 Justifying the ROI of new tech.

08.29 Acquiring skills to make better tech judgments  

10.41 Do engineers need fiscal knowledge.

13.46 Is the tech talent pool expanding?

15.51 Seeking out challenges in your role.

19.21 Separating what you’re supposed to do and what you have to do.

21.04 Automating away problems.



Location: Northern Powerhouse