How can  Bitcoin defend your personal privacy? Jump to 19.35 to find out

Nicholas is the CEO at CommerceBank

A cryptocurrencies entrepreneur & software engineer, Nicholas has been involved with bitcoin since 2012. Nicholas is a technologist first and foremost, he caught the bitcoin bug through writing software for banks. 

Although he was working in banking Nicholas did question the ethics of the 2008 financial crisis and thought it was unfair that they got bailed out. He came to the conclusion the traditional banking sector wasn’t for him.

This realisation spurred his interest in Blockchain and he found the concept of bitcoin fascinating. This culminated in his role as the CEO at CommerceBank  

Nicholas is regularly quoted in major cryptocurrency publications and he is an experienced advisor for government trade bodies on crypto.  

Battling for your personal privacy

This is going to be an ongoing debate or battle for future generations. I think governments are going to use boogie-men like terrorists and other nefarious characters to reduce peoples privacy. All in the name of public safety.   

I think people are going to fight back against this and Bitcoin is part of that fight back. People want their privacy, they don’t necessarily want a government agency of a big company like facebook knowing everything they do.  

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t really think there’s an evil corporation using our data for their own gains. But all you’ve got to do is look at the world around you and realise that all it takes is a hack on Facebook to have your personal details stolen.   

Imagine if Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin lost all their data. Your privacy is wrecked. I think this is a safety risk as we’re creating these honey pots of data which can be very damaging. Software’s made by humans, Softwares going to get hacked.   

Show Notes:

00.31 Delivering bitcoin talks

01.28 The rise of cryptocurrency

02.50 Bitcoin is the Netflix of money

04.14 Buying bitcoin

07.54 Building a big company  

12.10 The evolution of crypto assets         

17.21 Moving towards a cashless society  

19.35 Battling for your personal privacy

21.45 Developing and building a team

25.20 Don’t move people around move the jobs around 

29.06 Change is increasing exponentially 

31.42 Disrupting the education sector