Steve King ‘Applied predictions’ Building better outcomes with predictive models – Steve King

January 27 ,2020

Pat Farr ‘Meaningful tech’ is tech for good – Pat Farr

January 27 ,2020

Ian West 15 steps to make your business GDPR defensible – Ian West

January 27 ,2020
January 27 ,2020

Building online communities – Ciaran Burke

Ciaran is the COO & Co-founder at Swoop  Ciaran is...

January 24 ,2020

Getting the most out of your Martech – Simon Spyer

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January 22 ,2020

Creating a digital audio personalisation company – Steve Dunlop

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January 20 ,2020

Creating AI-driven learning recommendations – Marc Zao-Sanders

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January 16 ,2020

Creating a reuse marketplace for the retail, office and construction sector – May Al-Karooni

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January 15 ,2020

Being Agile In Applying Agile – Robert Vadai

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January 15 ,2020

My lessons from scaling Technology hiring – Evy Van Galen

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January 14 ,2020

Shaping the NoSQL Space – Dominic Wellington

Dominic Wellington is the Director, Field Initiatives & Readiness, EMEA...

January 13 ,2020

Working remotely in Russia – Leonid Bugaev

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January 09 ,2020

Data literature, culture, and stereotypes – Peter Aiken

Peter is the Founding Director at Data Blueprint  Peter Aiken...