Morgan Craft is CTO at Hickory.

Managing a diverse team of psychologists, data-scientists, and machine learning experts sound like a daunting prospect. Not for Morgan. He has 14+ years of development experience under his belt and knowledge that ranges from psychology to coding. Morgan is also a firm believer in continuous learning and understands the value of acting as a mentor to help others grow professionally.

Morgan joined  Andy to discuss disrupting the education sector, making sure staff remember training, and launching startups.      

Show Notes:

0.30 NYC, the startup hub.

4.20 Finding a location where you can hire the best talent.  

5.30 Morgan’s career progression.

7.27 Working with YCombinator.

8.21 Getting involved in a startup.

10.20 Avoiding paying attention to unproven technology.

14.08 Working at Hickory.

18.13 Why education is primed for disruption.

23.19 Educating peers about GDPR.

28.06 Discussing the pitfalls of human memory.

29.22 Hickory’s tech ops stack.

31.30 Mentoring your team.

35.18 How do you set your company meaningful goals.