Today’s guest is Chris Wintle, Head of Software Engineering at And Digital. Andy talks to Chris about the key influencers in his career, And Digital’s unique organisational structure and why it works so well.

Show Notes:

1.35 What was Chris into as a child and was he always into computers 

3.23 Hiring people full trained or as a “blank canvas” 

8.23 Key influencers in Chris’ career 

9.26 Important lessons he has been taught 

13.12 Principles for hiring new recruits 

15.53 What’s exciting for Chris in technology at the moment 

16.41 Ongoing projects for Chris 

17.27 Scaling the business and getting ready for change 

21.19 What builds up a company and if it works then why change it? 

23.33 Think about where you want to be in 3 years time 

26.18 Chris’ working environment and team 

28.29 What is a tech coach 

29.55 What upcoming development is most exciting?