Node University: Taking the non-academic route when learning to code – Azat Mardan

Methodologies & Skills Development
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Azat Mardan is Head of front-end development at and Co-Founder at Node University.

Azat knows coding has the power to change lives. That’s why he founded Node University. As an advocate of teaching coding skills, Azat is an expert in instructing through a variety of mediums. Teaching people online, in person, and via books have made him a skilled communicator. He infuses his infectious enthusiasm for programming into everything he teaches.   

Azat Mardan has taught over 1,000 software engineers in-person and even more online through ebooks and video. He has published 14 books and dozens of online courses and has more than 15 years of experience in web, mobile and software development. Azat has a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology degree.

Show Notes:

0.59 Azat’s work at Node university.

6.05 The diminishing return of education.

8.20 Corporations, education and hack reactor.

13.56 The institutionalized dream of a one company man.

14.33 creating transparency in business.

15.29 Using software to oust bureaucracy.    

18.14 Educating people using video, text and in person.

22.12 Adapting attitudes and behaviors to learning.

25.05 The rise of remote working and its effect on legacy companies.

26.14 Growth hacking?

29.57 Writing and creating content.

32.44 Creating content as a way to keep on learning.

35.17 Staying ahead of your peers.

37.54 Seeking feedback for your work.