Evy is a career HR Professional  

Evy was recently the VP of Resourcing & Product at DAZN Evy is responsible for hiring amazing Tech & Product people across DAZN’s four development centres in London, Amsterdam, Leeds and Katowice. She headed up a team of 2 recruitment managers, 9 recruiters and 3 coordinators. 

She has recently left the company to explore new career options.

Show Notes:

00.54 Evy’s career journey 

01.45 DAZN’s tech teams 

05.21 Hiring for cutting edge tech 

06.15 Growth at DAZN

14.42 Making sure your processes are built for scale  

20.45 Agile recruitment methodologies

27.25 Unconscious bias, culture fit, and hiring 

29.53 Scaling tech teams 

31.45 Training programs

33.06 Essential HR technologies   


    Location: Northern Powerhouse