Today’s guest is Phil Crawley – the IT Manager at Seven. Who have worked with big-name clients like – Sainsbury’s, Bentley, Adidas, Spitfire and Weight Watchers.

We discuss motivating your tech team, how organizational structures are changing and all the intricacies involved with aligning talent that works remotely and the difference between managing contractors and permanent members of staff.

Show Notes:

0.47 How to get into IT and who influenced Phil to take this route

5.16 Having a university degree is becoming less necessary for a job in IT

7.20 Different qualifications for the unique jobs you’re recruiting for

8.34 What does Phil do?

9.17 The difference in motivating contractors and permanent staff

10.49 How to get the best out of everyone individually

13.36 Relaxing the rules to retain staff, especially millennials

15.42 Motivation depends on knowing the person and the role

16.44 Prioritising cultural fit rather than skills

19.11 The ROI for putting in extra effort in recruitment and onboarding

21.37 Transitioning into a management role

25.25 Skills from alternative industries, like pub work

29.15 Encouraging competitiveness in the workplace

31.24 Is there a competitive edge within technical teams?

33.10 Tips for putting other people first