Massimo is the VP of Engineering and Product at Depop

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Massimo De Marco, V.P of Engineering and Product at Depop. They discuss the transition into management, exciting technology on the horizon and pursuing a career in mobile technologies. They also chat about the need to have both technical and people skills.

Massimo De Marco has worked at several companies including the IG Group, Jagex and Time Out. In his previous roles he’s been hired to define and structure all development processes, from business requirements to delivery, and help the company scale up. Massimo has always seen it as his mission to build a positive work culture and processes around his team. He feels this is the key to ensuring businesses are capable of scaling up to the next level.

Show Notes:

1.09 How did you first get involved in technology.

3.08 Skilling up, learning in tech & what do you learn?

4.56 What was the level of technology much different when you moved to the UK.

6.11 Getting involved in mobile.

7.42 Pursuing a career in mobile technology.

8.31 Talking about Massimo’s role and his transition into management.

10.36 The rewarding elements of running a team.

11.46 Technology employee’s as the product and the face of the industry.

14.34 Is it common that you employ people that aren’t always a perfect fit for the company?

15.39 Having good people skills, business skills and technology skills.

17.03 Which three things have you found the most challenging and which have you enjoyed the most.

17.36 What is it now within technology or your career that you’re striving for next.

19.00 Is it difficult to decide what new technologies to invest your time in.

20.17 Are you still as excited about what you’re doing now compared to when you started your career?