Jay is the CTO at Wunderman Thompson Mobile

Originally from the east coast, Jay moved to Denver to do more snowboarding. He worked various jobs building websites for companies during and after the dot com bubble burst.

When the App boom happened Jay moved into mobile development. He joined a company called Double Encore and they helped build mobile apps for social media platforms. As they were early starters in the app sector they became known for creating high-quality apps. Double Encore merged with another company called Excellent Creations to combine clients and stop competition for developers.  

They were then acquired by Possible and became Possible Mobile. Since then Jay has been leading the engineering department for the past 10 years. They have recently rebranded and are now called Wunderman Thompson Mobile.

The mobile development boom

Andy: ‘Can you pinpoint the mobile app development boom?’

Jay: ‘I don’t know if there was a significant point of inflection or a really chaotic time it has really just been a slow build. It really started with iOS and Android and has slowly extended out to what we call these connected devices. First, we lost the phone handset and then we had tablets, and now there are watches, and televisions and cars and voice assistants. 

A lot of them use the same technology. If you’re in the Apple ecosystem or Android ecosystem you are writing using the Apple and Google tools to build your apps for all those things. 

It isn’t really until you start looking at voice assistants that you start getting more into the web realm where they’re using Javascript for a lot of it. So, you started with this core and this core has slowly leaked out into all these connected devices.’ 

Show Notes:

00.41 Denver and the Silicon Mountains 

01.36 Breaking the Silicon Valley mould

03.01 Jay’s career 

05.29 Mergers, acquisitions, and growth 

07.27 Native vs non-native apps

09.24 When did mobile development boom?

11.08 New tech influencing mobile

12.23 Balancing new tech and business goals

14.38 Xamarin, React Native & Flutter

17.46 Who’s going to change the mobile landscape

20.47 Finding talent that can adapt quickly. 

22.51 How do you quantify someone who’s willing to learn?

24.16 You can’t be good at something you don’t enjoy

25.46 Setting goals for yourself