Are you falling prey to any of the common misconceptions surrounding cloud computing – Gordon Davey

Emerging Technologies & Business
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Gordon Davey, Head of Cloud Architecture at Willis Towers Watson. They discuss tackling the common misconceptions around Cloud computing, innovation and how it’s driving the tech industry forward and how cloud technologies are increasing efficiency in business.

Gordon believes the term Cloud Computing is now over-used and still misunderstood but he enjoys helping organisations understand how to use it effectively. He tries to simplify and raise awareness of what cloud computing can do for enterprises, and help them adopt the right Cloud solutions for their business.

Show notes:

1.14 Common misconceptions about cloud computing.

3.32 Has cloud always been your focus?

5.00 Who were the early adopters of cloud technologies?

6.02 The effectiveness and efficiency brought about by cloud.

8.30 Are you surprised by the number of businesses that haven’t adopted cloud?

10.08 Cloud allowing you to collaborate with other technologies easily.

12.22 How did you become a Cloud architecture.

14.14 What innovations are coming in the near future for cloud?

16.06 Cross-discipline collaboration.

17.27 Innovation and disruption. Two sides of the same coin?

19.28 Starting a career in cloud?