In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Charlotte Morris, the CMO for SkinNinja. SkinNinja a breakthrough UK app, which identifies what’s in our skincare products, from contact allergens to carcinogens. Using its proprietary technology to identify risks from over 800k products and using its tech to then provide healthier safer alternatives.

On the show, Charlotte explains how marketing is a revenue generator for business and how marketing professionals need to be multi-disciplined to truly succeed in their careers. They also discuss how Charlotte got into mentoring and why she feels compelled to help others who are starting their careers.

Show Notes:

1.12 Marketing and tech as revenue generators.

7.04 Having to be multi-disciplined in tech now.

13.45 Having to continually learn and adapt in tech and marketing.

16.42 What are you working on at the moment that you feel really passionate about.

19.41 Thinking through all your options when starting a career and finding a mentor.

22.47 Charlotte’s move back to London and working on her new startup.

26.39 The importance of external networking.

31.10 Going out into the tech community and asking for help.