Maximize the Chance of Success in the Tech Industry | Michael Hamrah

Leadership Styles
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Michael Hamrah has more than fifteen years of software engineering expertise across a variety of languages and platforms. Experienced leader helping individuals, teams, and companies grow, delivering sustainable value through impactful technology.

Michael is hands-on with AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, databases/streaming platforms, and CI/CD/PD pipelines. Extensive product delivery with rich web and mobile experiences. Focus on security and operational efficiency. Strong preference for statically-typed languages and automation. At Bluecore, Michael and his team oversee Bluecore’s Platform and Infrastructure (PI) teams. They maintain multiple Kubernetes clusters, Datastore, BigQuery, PubSub, network and several other systems running on GCP managed with Terraform, and support 100’s of millions of events per day and hundreds/terabytes of data with an event-driven, microservice-based architecture.

Bluecore is a marketing technology company that’s reimagining the way retailers communicate with shoppers. Working with the world’s fastest-growing retail brands, Bluecore intelligently connects casual shoppers to the products that transform them into lifetime customers.

During the Podcast episode, Ben sits down with Michael to discuss how people in tech tend to view their careers and what you can do differently to maximize the chance of success. And what managers can do to help their team on their career journey.