In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jason Foo, the CEO at BBD Perfect Storm. On the show, they discuss the role branding plays in marketing technology. Andy asks Jason about the best practices for fostering a positive work culture. They also chat about the lessons Jason has learned in his management position.

BBD Perfect Storm mission statement

BBD Perfect Storm is a new kind of agency for the new age of marketing. We help organisations become the Go2Brand in their category. We do this by helping brands to deliver on their purpose. We help brands challenge and shape culture by creating useful and entertaining communications, things and experiences. We combine brand storytelling with the possibilities of technology and insights from data to help brands make sense of and navigate through the always on, always connected world of consumers.

Show Notes:

1.10 The youthful energy that is prolific in the tech space and the importance of an individual’s approach to their job.

7.14 Having humility and transparency in business.

10.01 How to instigate a cultural change in your company.

15.40 Determining the value-add of a data team.

21.47 The necessity of technical people to be able to articulate their work.

23.43 Developing your team’s talents.

27.13 How do you ensure people are the right fit for your company.

31.07 Being open about your weaknesses in a job interview.

33.02 What are you excited about in the data space at the moment.