How to promote your tech company through digital marketing – Bill Bauman

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Bill Bauman is an Evangelist and product strategist at Opsview.

Bill works with marketing as the content lead; engineering on product roadmap, features, and direction; sales and technical sales on telling and selling the story, and the leadership team on company growth. Bill is also a big technology advocate, evangelist and visionary and a strong proponent of open source software and new technologies.

They chat about marketing technology and promotions in the technology sphere. They also discuss how tech specialists are skilling up in both fields and how innovation can be a tool to drive industry and business forward.

Show Notes:

1.06 Bills background.

5.43 The changing role of technical people.

10.30 Avoiding burn out.

11.45 Marketing and promotions technology.

13.30 Cross-training technical employees in marketing.

15.10 How technology is changing roles not removing them.

16.53 Technological evolution isn’t a negative.

18.35 Talking about DevOps.

21.35 Collective behaviors, instigating change and innovation.

23.33 Allowing innovation in your business.

26.15 Synonymising technology with innovation.

30.09 Hiring a team with different perspectives.

31.50 How to improve your staff’s working experience.