Marketing food at Feast It – Curran Dye

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Curran is the Head of Marketing at Feast It 

Curran is currently the Head of Marketing at Feast It. He and his team do lots of things to rapidly grow their customer base, build a memorable brand and improve their product so that clients love the experience they have.

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Show Notes:

01.11 Curran’s career journey 

03.48 From Linguistics to marketing

05.00 Quickfire food questions

05.51 The Feast It mission

06.56 Working both a b2b and b2c market

08.00 Creating a keyword strategy that aims for corporates and customers 

08.50 The events calendar

09.57 Creating marketing strategies 

11.22 Wearing a lot of hats in a startup

12.32 Standing out in the street food space 

14.03 The informal dining boom 

15.01 Building a memorable brand

16.28 Growth hacking. Is it a contentious term?

17.42 Combining marketing and web development

19.32 Why is culture so vital to a startup’s success  

20.57 Using culture to secure top talent

22.03 Protecting culture when your company’s growing

23.36 The direction of digital marketing

25.59 Creating marketplaces and communities

27.15 The future of SEO 

28.20 Further resources