In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ron Feldman, VP of Product Management at GameChanger Media, Inc. Ron’s experiences include managing technical people, product development, strategic planning, product management, marketing, business development, fundraising, press relations and recruitment/management of lean, scrappy teams.

On the show, he chats to Andy about the best strategies for managing technical people, the changes that have happened over the past decade in the tech world and what changes are coming on the horizon. They also touch on the different career routes for those who don’t want to enter management and building a team of contractors.

Show Notes:

1.06 Was there always a plan for you getting started in your career?

2.21 What are your motivations.

3.33 Building your own team of contractors.

5.22 The differences in Silicon Valley now and in 2006.

6.20 What were your experiences when suddenly having to manage people.

8.15 Are you seeing more companies trying to devise an alternate path for technological people other than going into management.

9.55 How to tailor your management style to individual team members.

10.50 What are you expecting to see change in the technology sphere in the coming years.

13.22 The importance of external feedback.

14.20 Vision, goals & Contractors.