IT Infrastructure: Managing infrastructure on a global scale – Ayotunde Obasanya

Emerging Technologies & Business
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ayotunde Obasanya, Head of Global Infrastructure at Funding Circle UK. Ayotundes is responsible for the management and leadership of his IT Infrastructure teams. Acting as a Technical hands-on contributor and ensuring the integrity and uptime of production infrastructure.

They discuss the nuances of managing global IT infrastructure, funding circles success and the importance of developing a strong leadership style in business. They also touch personal motivation and dealing with professional challenges.

Show Notes:

1.06 When did you first become interested in technology.

4.29 The desire to learn how things work in infrastructure.

7.20 Managing what you need to invest your time into next.

11.24 How did you form your leadership styles.

15.51 The requirement for technical people to have a larger business sense in the 21st century.

18.50 Funding circle as the largest peer to peer lender marketplaces outside of China.

21.10 Dealing with challenges when things go wrong.

22.03 Motivation & outcomes.