Nada is Information Security Manager at Six Degrees Group.  

Nada is a highly organised Information Security Manager with over 10 years experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, delivering modern, cost-efficient customer-focused processes whilst maintaining key stakeholder and customer requirements.

Podcast Notes:

00.59 Security champion of the year.

03.20 Mixing social sciences and STEM subjects to get the best teams.

04.22 Nada’s arts degree in 3d design.

06.47 Security is now in the public eye.

08.08 Security always needs to be one step ahead.

10.56 Maintaining a constant line of communication with the ICO.

14.08 How much has your role evolved in recent years.

18.11 Transitioning into management.

20.56 The dark art of being a subject matter expert.

22.10 Women in IT.

23.32 Why do cyber-security.

28.00 Redressing the male, female balance in IT.