In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Avi Marco, an Independent Consultant who specializes in articulation and delivery of contemporary and impactful data solutions. They discuss how to move away from group-think and make independent decisions, moving into the world of technology from law and delivering projects on time.

Show Notes:

1.25 Who is Avi and what does he do?

2.33 Moving from law to technology

4.22 The support team that aided the move into tech

6.47 Following a career because of the people involved

10.09 Moving into a world of absolutes with technology

14.36 Battling against group-think

17.44 The difficulty of making and sticking with a decision

21.14 When Agile working you need to keep the end goal in mind

27.05 Why some people struggle with delivering projects on time

31.22 Loss of free time in a modern tech environment

34.43 Understanding the motivations of all staff members