Oliver Davey is the Head of Data & Operations at Maggie’s Centres.

Data has the potential to be an immense force for good in the world. Oliver has never lost sight of this fact. He has spent his career integrating data into charitable and non-profit organisations. This makes a big impact in a sector that is traditionally slow off the mark when it comes to adopting new tech.

Over the course of his career, Oliver has worked for well-known organisations such as The Soldiers’ Charity, The Tate, and The National Gallery.

The crossroads between data and the charity sector has thrown some unique problems Oliver’s way. Implementing robust data strategies with a finite budget has made Oliver an expert in getting the most out of his staff and resources.

Show Notes:

1.06 What content interests you at the moment?

2.56 Are you an advocate of external networking?

4.44 How do you gather trustworthy data?

6.50 Working for charitable organisations.

8.30 Tech vs Business Outcomes – Which motivates you more?

9.09 Data as an organisational asset

10.36 What makes a competent data professional?

13.59 How has your management style changed over the years?

16.24 Do you miss the technical aspects of your role?

17.02 Communicating your vision to your team

19.45 How do you motivate staff?

21.51 Is it difficult applying new technologies to the charity sector?

23.00 The importance of discipline when working in charity.

25.32 What new developments in data are you looking forward too?