Today’s guest is Melanie Calver Director at Prosperity Technology and a career IT contractor. We discussed how she got involved in contracting in the first place and why Melanie enjoys the contracting life and the benefits of contracting vs. permanent work.

Show Notes:

1.43 Messages to her 18-year-old self

3.35 Stop trying to force a career and go with the flow

5.07 Where Melanie learned her most important lessons

6.12 Working without appraisals

8.08 How to loosen the reigns as a manager

12.05 Finding jobs through recruiters

17.13 How Melanie got into contracting

19.31 The cons of contracting

21.48 Being a mother and a contractor

25.09 Taking large life events to re-evaluate your work life

30.07 Using technology to free you from the office 

35.02 What is Melanie most excited about in the future 

37.35 Career pressure to move South