Pavel Margolin is Senior Director of Engineering at

A software developer through and through, Pavel is versed in a multitude of coding languages. A proponent of the open source, sharing mindset that is the hallmark of software development, he shares the tips that helped him succeed in his career.

Show Notes:

1.07 Learning to code.

2.50 Why did you start programming?

4.17 Keeping up with new coding languages.

6.27 Are new engineers skipping coding fundamentals?

7.50 Learning to code to become more employable.

9.47 Desirable traits of potential employees.

11.36 Understanding business fundamentals as a technical person.     

13.12 Building your career around specific goals.

15.53 Building a consistent company culture across departments.

19.02 Strengthening company culture with diversity.  

22.04 Working on projects outside of work.

23.02 Functional programming.

23.51 External networking.

26.20 Did you have any mentors during your career?

28.44 Career advice for software developers.