In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Matt Robson, Executive Director at TSG consulting. Matt is an experienced strategic thinker with ample leadership skills. He has a proven record of success across a wide range of client contexts and consultancy domains and is innovative, analytical and adaptable when tackling complex problems.

They discuss Matt’s military background and how his training has helped him develop his leadership skills. They also discuss the importance of always challenging yourself and the advantages of working with various customers and clients.

Show Notes:

1.08 Matt’s background in the military.

3.33 The military as a formative experience in Matt’s life and dealing with pressure.

5.33 The need to be constantly moving forward in technology.

8.24 What are the biggest challenges you’re seeing and facing in business?

10.54 How do you manage to stay on top of technological developments?

13.47 The changing expectations of technical people.

15.17 The advantages of working with various customers and clients.

18.14 You can’t get to a leadership position without having a passion for what you’re working on.

19.30 How challenging was it for you to have a leadership role outside the military?

24.17 What keeps you motivated.