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Jason is the development manager at Connells Group 

Jason is a digital technology manager with over 10 years’ experience developing and delivering digital platforms. He’s delivered everything from simple PHP Facebook applications through to complex asset management systems on Umbraco.

During his career, in addition to development and project delivery, he has built and managed digital teams of up to 15 people and worked with onshore and offshore external production houses. He’s introduced creative technology into the agencies he has joined, developed and implemented technical processes, and introduced agile ways of working.

It’s better to be a culture fit than a technical fit

‘I think when you’re bringing on new software developers to your team making sure they’re a personality fit is a top priority. You want to hire people that can work on the projects you want them to work on.  

You may, for example, hire the best C# developer you’ve ever seen to work on a project with your team. But if you know that they’re not going to fit in well with your team and there not going to work well on the particular project you hired them to do. The personality clash will cause friction in your company and a dip in productivity purely because of their attitude. 

So making sure you hire someone with the right personality is so important. For me, that’s the main thing when it comes to interviewing people for roles. The question at the front of my mind is ‘Do I think I can work with you?’. Can I delegate to this person, can I hand off projects to them?     

If I think that’s the case it’s worth providing some up-skilling sessions when this person starts the business. The short term cost is way out weighted by the long term gains.     

So, for me, personality and culture fit is key.’ – Jason Hyland 

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01.59 Collaborating as developers 

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09.22 Moving into management 

11.14 Picking projects

13.34 Removing office silos

14.58 Company culture

17.50 Diversity & Inclusion

20.20 Better to be a culture fit than a technical fit 

21.57 Tech teams are now a product

24.35 Making sure people are fulfilled in their careers 

28.07 Setting yourself goals