In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ian Mortimer, a lead DevOps Engineer at Slalom Consultancy. On the show, Ian tells Andy about working in a Kubernetes environment. They also discuss DevOps as an approach to work. Andy also asks Ian about innovation and how he continually tries to innovate at work.

Ian is a lead DevOps Engineer with a focus on platform automation and high availability implementation. He is skilled in Go, Web Applications, AWS, Rancher, Kubernetes, and Agile Methodologies. Ian is a strong engineering professional with a Bachelor focused in Communications from Boston University.

Show Notes:

1.09 Working in a Kubernetes environment.

7.11 How do you decide what technologies to invest in?

11.14 DevOps as an approach and attitude to work.

13.30 How do you perceive innovation.

16.56 The simple things people overlook when trying to innovate.

21.06 Ian background and career progression.

23.54 How will DevOps evolve over the coming year?

27.17 The sharing economy brought about with the advent of technology.