John Rouda is host of the Geek Leader Podcast, a TEDx speaker, and currently the IT Director at INSP LLC.   

John is a self-professed geek leader. He has spent his professional life inspiring, educating, and motivating leaders the world over. In recent years he’s shared his expertise on stage at TEDx events. For those unable to catch him in person he also hosts a leadership podcast ‘’.

John wouldn’t class himself as a natural born leader. Initially, he was more comfortable cutting code than leading a team. But through his own determination and drive, he progressed through a journey, gradually learning the skills necessary to become a head of business. The journey started with his podcast and snowballed from there.

John believes the path he took is open to anyone, technical or not. All it takes is a first step.

Show Notes:

0.36 The most enjoyable aspects of making your own podcast.

3.22 Improving with incremental goals.

7.03 Teaching a concepts to others as a way to strengthen your own knowledge.

11.40 Redesigning the way we work.

14.19 Building the 21st-century office around technology.

19.13 Having multiple skill sets on your résumé.

21.05 John’s route into technology.

24.39 Why technical people often struggle in leadership.

29.38 Picking up the reins of leadership.

30.48 Seeking out mentors to help on your leadership journey.

33.39 “Owning” your career.