In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Joe Burridge, who recently became the Senior Recruiter at Electronic Arts. They discuss Joe’s time at Hudl. Joe is now a Senior Recruiter at Electronic Arts helping to build teams across EA’s European Studios. When working as part of the Talent Team at Hudl, Joe helped the business grow from 200 – 1,000+ globally. He also helped hire across marketing, finance, support, sales, business development and product in the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

On the show, Joe chats to Andy about the importance of keeping company culture at the center of the recruitment process and why you need to have a genuine passion for the sector you recruit in. He also chats about why you must ensure people you’re hiring are the right cultural fit for your company and how recruitment has changed since Joe started his career.

Show Notes:

1.13 Joe’s background and career development.

5.02 How do you manage the rapid scaling up of your business.

7.30 Changing from a start-up dynamic to a corporate structure.

10.09 company values.

12.03 Hiring staff based on your company’s culture.

15.06 How has recruiting changed since you started your career.

17.24 Why you need to understand the technology market as a recruiter.

19.56 The need to have a genuine passion for the industry you work in as a recruiter.

22.48 What type of people are motivated to work at Hudl.

24.45 What advice would you give to people who are considering a role in recruitment.