In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Liam Williamson, the Manager of IT systems at Lithium Technologies. Liam chats to Andy about the challenges and rewards of working in IT support. They discuss Liam’s transition into management. Talk also turned to how technology is constantly changing the working environment.   

Liam has over 10 years experience in IT support within the commercial and private industries including 1 year of deputy team leadership, backed by a 2nd class computing degree. In all of Liam’s roles, he has built rapport with everyone he works with, from junior members of staff through middle management and traders, to CEO’s, MD’s, Partners and Equity Partners.

Show Notes:

1.10 Working on support desks.  

3.29 Does working in support make you figure out more efficient ways of thinking.

4.57 Did your support mindset benefit you when you moved into management?

5.53 Figuring out how to be a manager.

9.14 Your approach and attitude to management.

11.31 Liam’s background and career development.

14.16 When you think about what you’re working on what technologies have impacted your space the most?

19.52 The technology space evolving and keeping up to date with the latest tech.

22.45 Technological evolution requires a cultural change.

24.04 What are your hopes and aspirations for your career?