In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Chris Truman, Director of Network Operations and Engineering at Equinix.  Chris is a results-driven technology leader experienced at directing IT operations and projects across global organisations within various business sectors, including FMCG, manufacturing and financial services. He has a  successful background in delivering IT strategies, planning, implementing and leveraging technology to achieve innovative yet cost-effective product and service solutions.

On the show, Chris chats to Andy about working in networks and managing a team of engineers. They also discuss the tech advances in the world of networks, the difficulty of becoming a manager and the future of voice technology.

Show Notes:

2.52 Growing up with tech as a passion project

5.39 Chris’ first job and the lessons he learned

7.11 Hiring people who are cleverer than you

11.06 Has advancing tech made Chris’ job easier or more complex?

14.43 Automation in everyday lives

17.35 The applications of advancing networks

19.53 Keeping up with the advance of hardware

22.07 Taking the jump up to leadership

26.18 Aligning business needs with the technology side

28.05 Deciding when meetings are actually worth the time

29.14 Personally exciting tech development.