In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Dominic Aslan, VP of IT operations at ShipServ. On the show, Andy asks Dominic about his best practices for keeping a company secure. Dominic tells Andy all about bug bounties. They also discuss the growing influence that Data is having on business.

Dominic started on the telephone for CompuServe in 1997. He has worked his way through many different roles within IT departments ever since. He has had roles as user support, server support, technical engineer, team manager, architect, project manager, and CIO. He is currently head of IT for a commodities broker and trader.

Show Notes:

1.06 Dominic’s career progression and professional background.

5.14 Companies offering alternative paths to management.

7.27 Promoting the wrong people and a management position basically being a new role.

9.53 Keeping up with the technical world as a hands-off manager.

13.50 Soft skills are now as important as technical skills.

16.25 Shifting your company culture onto a security footing.

20.09 Getting your staff bought into a set of best practices to avoid a security breach.

22.23 Detering hackers with a bug bounty.

25.07 The other angles to keeping secure online.

26.33 What are the big projects you’ve been asked to look into?

29.16 Clarity on what we expect to see from Data teams.

32.04 A data team isn’t a silver bullet to solve all your business’s problems.

34.24 The versatility of a data team and in tech more generally.