In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Usman Hamid, Head of IT infrastructure services at the BBC. On the show, they discuss how companies can use innovative ways to retain staff. Andy asks Usman about how he got into a career in infrastructure. Usman also chats about his management style and recruitment process.

Usman is a highly experienced, ITIL certified, multilingual Senior IT Leader, with expertise in delivering effective business critical IT solutions across both the private and public sectors. He also has a proven track record of leading business improvements on a global basis. He has been working in the ICT industry for over 14 years and has played an integral role in identifying solutions and driving forward change on both a national and international basis. This has resulted in improved business efficiency and significant cost savings.

Location: Northern Powerhouse

Show Notes:

1.07 What’s the typical path into IT infrastructure and how did you get into infrastructure?

4.18 Technology and music.

6.10 Discussing non-traditional and unique routes into technology.

13.03 Employers incentivising candidate beyond salaries.

16.01 Driving cultural change in legacy companies.

20.03 How infrastructure is becoming like wifi.

22.48 We need to know how best to utilise technology as opposed to knowing how to use it.

27.40 Taking the step up to management and the recruitment process.

31.53 What direction do you see infrastructure heading in the coming years.