In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Christo Olivier, an independent solutions architect. Christo is a highly qualified Data and Analytics specialist with more than a decade of consulting experience. Who enjoys helping his my clients navigate the challenges of building data solutions that meet business requirements while utilising the best technologies on the market. His extensive experience in leading projects has enabled him to add value to both the technical delivery as well as strategic decision making of his clients.

They chat on the show about learning to code and routes into IT contracting. They also discuss going out alone as a consultant, which coding language to start with and the future of development in the workforce.

Show Notes:

1.52 The contracting lifestyle

3.12 Taking the leap to working for yourself

6.33 Finding new challenges to keep your brain active

8.33 What helps Christo keep motivated

11.14 Understanding the clients needs first

15.52 Learning to code

19.32 Common coding languages

20.42 Picking up new languages within a niche

21.48 Advice for people learning the fundamentals of coding

25.01 Will coding be a necessary skill in the future?

27.02 Work on what you’re passionate about