In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Simon Halkyard, Talent Acquisition Partner at Shop Direct. Simon is currently responsible for the Analytics, Customer Management, and Credit Risk Talent Acquisition at Shop Direct. Previously he designed and implemented the Talent Acquisition recruitment strategy for Shop Direct’s new London office, attracting, engaging and hiring world-class tech talent.

On the show, Simon discusses making the transition from agency recruitment to internal recruitment. He also shares his strategies for retaining staff, developing a positive work culture and navigating on-boarding interviews.

Show Notes:

1.09 From recruitment agency to internal recruitment.

3.22 Building relationships with internal recruiters.

4.33 The pressure of working in internal recruitment.

5.12 Having an interest in the sector you hire for.

6.15 Navigating technology and recruitment.

7.28 The difficulty of everyone having an opinion in recruitment.

8.02 How much are softer skills important now when hiring for technology roles.

9.56 Has working internally helped you develop better methods for on-boarding.

11.49 Examples of technology helping the decision-making process in business.

12.15 Not being naturally comfortable in the interviewing role.

13.08 Talking about retention when hiring internally.

13.58 What incentives are you using to boost retention.

15.14 Businesses offering incentives that are more important than money.

16.44 Changing work culture to enable more flexible working hours.

18.28 Talking about workplace culture.

19.40 Transparency, honesty and openness.

20.40 Having a willingness to try and fail.

22.35 What in your professional life gives you the most sense of satisfaction.