Torq is Director of Engineering at

Torq is an experienced technology professional with a passion for data and new technologies. He particularly enjoys people management and inspiring others to achieve their goals.


On the show, Torq tells Andy how a data team can convey its value to the C-Suite. They continue this discussion point and talks about how a business can determine the ROI from its data team. Torq also describes how he integrates data into a business and explains why it is important that business leaders and data leaders communicate regularly.     

Show Notes:

00.24 The culture of data.

02.59 The ROI of data.

05.00 Get your business and data engineers talking.

07.36 Working in an agile way with your engineers.

09.31 Collaboration empowers your entire business.

12.03 Predicting the unpredictable in your data sets.  

14.49 Why is ‘data’ so in demand.

17.12 Moving into cloud computing.

19.08 Convincing businesses to invest in new tech.

21.22 Getting creative with data.

24.05 Discussing all the diverse backgrounds in data.