In this episode Andy Davis talks to Simon Lascelles, he was recently made the Director of IT operations at LGSS. They discuss combining skills in sports and business, implementing changes in your business process and keeping an eye on office culture.

Simon is an enthusiastic, innovative and dynamic commercially minded International CIO with a proven track record of delivering business change and transformation across a range of SME, FORTUNE 500 and FTSE 250 organisations. He is comfortable owning the technology lifecycle from commercial assessment to strategy definition, and leadership of efficient operations.

Show notes:

1.10 Background and initial interests when starting your career.

3.46 Sheffield Hallam, rugby and enjoying university.

6.06 Sports skills, coaching and applying them to business.

7.40 Discussing the lack of training when moving into a leadership/ management position.

9.30 What was harder for you to adapt to, the technical aspects of your role or the management aspects?

11.25 Are we keeping up with technology? Do we need to speed up the ways we adapt to change?

13.55 How do you go about making changes to your business processes to adapt to change?

15.45 As a CIO do you take it upon yourself to keep a close eye on your office culture?

18.05 Talking on the concept of servant leadership.

19.41 What are you looking at and getting excited about within technology at the moment.

23.00 Do you get engaged with Big Data?

24.00 What are your opinions on VR?

26.11 Changes in technology that are going to have a big impact on the world in the near future.

28.49 What advice would you give to people starting in Technology.