In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Charles Lewinton, CTO at Buddi, about working with a product that inspires him. They also discuss how generational differences within the computing world, having an impact on your consumers’ lives and working in-house remotely.

Show Notes:

1.27 What was Charles interested in as a child?

3.17 Computing wasn’t always a clear career path

5.25 Shifting interests now that computing is a valid career and not a passion project

7.38 The skill set required for programming

9.49 What does Charles look for in an employee?

11.18 Challenge or product outcomes?

14.54 Generational differences

18.10 Motivating yourself by having a great product

20.25 Having an impact on consumers lives

25.04 Growing pains within the team

28.19 Using remote workers or growing in-house

31.42 The most exciting technological shift coming in the next few years.