Lucas is the CTO at Lyst

Lucas is an experienced Internet Tech and Product Head. He has a strong background in start-ups, acquisitions, and intrapreneurial leadership for large organizations. He is skilled in management, Software as a Service (SaaS), product development, big data, agile, and intellectual property.

Is innovation exhausting?

It’s important for companies to maintain an innovative, forward-thinking culture to stay ahead of their competition. But many people think that constantly iterating and trailing new ideas could lead to exhaustion and team burnout. Lucas doesn’t agree with this stand-point and he spoke to Andy about it on the podcast.

Andy: ‘Lyst believes in creating a strong innovative culture in the office. How do you maintain and support that culture and can constant innovation be exhausting?’     

Lucas: ‘Oh no, innovation shouldn’t be exhausting. First of all, it should be really exciting. That’s one of the reasons I was really drawn into the tech space and the companies I’ve been fortunate to work with. 

These companies are filled with people who get up in the morning and are excited to try something new. There are people out there, bakers, for example, that love mastering and perfecting one specific thing. A baker gets up every day and pours all his expertise into creating a great baguette for his customers. They consistently provide one amazing service.   

That consistency is great for that type of person. The people that I get to work with prefer solving problems. They don’t want to solve the same problem every day. The internet is so great because it transforms buying trends at such a rapid pace you need to have a team that can constantly adapt to new problems. 

So, to go back to my original point. That innovation isn’t exhausting what I think would be exhausting is if you solved a problem and that problem then became your problem for life.’   

Show Notes:

01.16 Londons tech hub

02.58 Escaping your tech bubble

04.59 Working styles US vs UK 

07.27 Monetising your customer

08.45 Everyone gets a free trial 

10.54 How do you maintain innovation

13.47 The speed of innovation 

16.19 How does Lyst solve problems

19.33 Using data at Lyst

21.55 Committing to a technology for its talent pool

26.35 Balancing new tech and your business goals 

28.39 Impact and innovation