Removing inherent bias from the workplace – Tina Howell

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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Tina is platform lead at AND Digital.

In this episode Tina and Andy talk everything diversity. Tina relays her experiences of being the pseudo-woman in her company and they discuss whether ‘diversity’ is going a bit OTT. Tina also talks about the perils of dating farmers and chats about her excitement when looking at quantum computing.    

AND Digital

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Podcast Notes:

00.32 Are we going a bit OTT with diversity.  

04.12 The pseudo-woman.

07.40 How important is 50/50 male-female split in an office.

08.39 Fighting inherent bias.

11.12 Dating farmers.

13.16 Competing with colleagues.

15.25 What is innovation?

17.58 Finding self-fulfillment.

23.21 How much did cloud technology change your market.

26.02 Quantum computing in the cloud.

29.07 The robots are coming.