Learning better management skills by leading an information security team – Killian Faughnan

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Killian Faughnan, the CISO at Interoute. They discuss the makeup of a typical information security team. Killian tells Andy about how he stays ahead of security threats. Andy asks Killian about his responsibilities and why he chose to do an MBA.

Killian is an information and cyber security professional with a background in technical security (engineering, architecture, pentesting), security governance (risk management, compliance), and business administration.

Show Notes:

1.08 Why are we paying so much attention to security now?

2.30 Did you always think you’d end up in the security sector?

3.58 The diverse backgrounds present in security. 

6.12 What does your typical security team look like?

7.58 What are your responsibilities?

10.38 Killians thought process behind doing an MBA.

12.12 How tech makes you constantly pursue learning.

14.31 Length of contracts in security consultancy. 

16.14 Are in-house security staff the best option to keep your business safe?

18.03 What are you doing in your leadership position to reduce your turnover of staff?

21.56 Finding inspiration and searching for feedback.

23.10 How do you stay ahead of the security threats.

25.12 External collaboration.

26.10 Being proactive in your role when looking at problems from a macro perspective.

27.39 What direction is the security sector heading in over the next few years?