Tej Singh is Talent Acquisition Manager at Wonderbly.

Tej’s approach to recruitment is built on a foundation of ‘marketing best practices’. He believes the old intrusive methods of recruiting are dead and encourages all recruiters to focus on building a trustworthy personal brand.

In a market that has been saturated for years, recruitment consultants need to be creative with their marketing to stand out and thrive.

On this podcast, Tej and Andy chat about personal branding, inbound marketing, and having dogs in the office.

Show Notes:

0.31 The positives of starting a podcast.

4.02 What does good marketing look like in recruitment?

6.58 How to maintain curiosity throughout your career.

9.26 Changing your job and career frequently.

15.31 Moving from agency recruitment to internal recruitment.

20.51 The importance of understanding a company’s brand when recruiting for them.

24.54 How recruiters present themselves online.

29.02 Marketing and copywriting best practices for recruitment consultants.