In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Brett Didonato, CTO and Co-founder at Quickframe. Brett enjoys designing and developing innovative technology products from the ground up. His areas of expertise stretch from product lifecycle development, design, software engineering and hiring to project management, fundraising and everything else related to building a technology-focused business.

On the show Brett discusses the product life cycle of a tech idea from the initial planning phase through to finished product and how to constantly review your processes, so your product is always improving. They also discuss different approaches to the creative process.

Show Notes:

1.40 Traits present in an Entrepreneur.

3.20 The links between innovators and development.

5.05 Drawing comparisons between solving development problems and founding a company.

6.15 Leaving full-time positions to start an entrepreneurial project.

7.35 What approaches did you take to keep things in perspective when starting your own company.

11.00 What steps did you take to refine your product and continually improve it.

12.03 Insights gained from hands-on testing.

14.07 Talking about the post feedback phase and the implications of it.

16.02 What times in the life-cycle of a product do you come upon unexpected problems.

17.01 What part of the product life cycle is the most compelling.

20.22 Is your creative process a collaborative effort and where do you draw inspiration from.

22.18 What continues to motivate and drive you on a daily basis.