Implementing Machine Learning @ Wunderflats | Kevin Jolly

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Kevin Jolly is Head of Data and Advanced Analytics at Wunderflats, a Data-driven strategist, leader & author based in Berlin, Germany.

As a member of senior leadership, Kevin leads the data & advanced analytics practice & design data-driven / Machine Learning solutions for Germany’s leading marketplace platform for furnished homes.

“The world creates data at an exponential rate. I harness, shape & derive value from this data through a structured process that combines design thinking & foundational people management skills to enable strategic decision making that drives transformational change.” Kevin Jolly

During the Podcast we spoke about Machine Learning in Wunderflats as a scale-up from BI, and the strategy involved in this process.


1:00 – Where Wunderflats fits into the world of tech.

3:55 – How Wunderflats has scaled up from Business Intelligence using Machine Learning.

7:14 – Where Kevin finds resources for inspiration with Machine Learning.

10:50 – What people overestimate about ML.

15:45 – How Kevin Looks into data objectively.

17:11 – How Kevin stays productive for long periods of time.

24:00 – The plans Wunderflats has to scale the business over the coming years.

26:30 – Final words of advice from Kevin.