Breaking down investment barriers with impact investing – Tom McGillycuddy

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Tom is the Co-founder at Tickr

Tom began his career in 2011 in Barclay’s graduate scheme. He spent several years working in their investment division working in both the UK and Hong Kong. 

In 2014 joined a US investment management firm called Wellington Management where he spent the next 5-years. 

It was in this role that Tom started working in impact investment. This investing strategy involves investing in companies that are solving problems that are scaleable and the first to market. 

Every year Tom and his team managed to beat the markets by investing in companies solving real-world problems. During this time Tom and his co-founder started to realise there was no way to invest their money, in the same way, they were doing at work. So in 2016 Tickr was born.  

Show Notes:

00.32 The McGillycuddy liqueur

01.51 Online DNA tests

02.46 Tom’s career background 

05.05 All investing is impact investing

06.51 Can impact investing become a bubble?

08.34 Tickr is the first to market impact investing app in Europe

09.25 University studies

11.30 Founding Tickr

15.29 Planning for scale

16.09 Engaging users with storytelling 

19.16 Financial markets have survived off of a lack of transparency

20.47 Find companies that are solving problems at scale