Human Resources: Approaches that drive team cohesion – Mathew Davies

Human resources, Talent & Career Advice
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In this episode, Andy Davies talks to Mathew Davies, Human Resources Director at Addison Lee about his responsibilities and KPI’s in human resources.  Matthew has worked on a wide range of projects that have enabled him to apply his leadership and technical skills to a variety of problems. He has a proven track record in managing change, business integration and outsourcing, including TUPE/ARD.

They discuss championing your company, helping people find their creative side and advice to his younger self. Finally, they touch on seeking out the creative elements of HR and finding candidates that fit with your company culture.

Show notes:

2.01 Mathews responsibilities and KPI’s

4.45 Changing people’s lives

6.31 Finding creativity in HR

9.09 Do you need experience or training to work in HR?

13.22 Finding candidates that fit with the company culture

18.08 Championing the organisation you work for

19.59 Advice to a younger Mathew.